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Know Us Better

It has been felt that for a very long time enabling frictionless transactions has been a major issue and nobody seemed to be doing it right. Originate InfoTech, an Information Technology specialist organization in mid-2015 launched Payzall, a payments application to cater to the everyday monotonous chores of our lives.
With Payzall - Reimagine Payments! Payment solutions to help you transact, Fast, Easy and Secure.

Now end your search for an application that breaks everyday monotony. Enjoy more time and experience seamless payments unlike any other. Through Payzall, the payments app, we're committed to revolutionize mobile payments through partnerships that are stronger, integrations that run deeper and user experience as the core focus.
Consumers all over are using Payzall for Recharges, Postpaid Bill Payments, DTH Recharges, Money Transfers and Utility Payments among other service offerings. With Payzall we are on a mission to create an ecosystem that is safe and secure, enabling consumers to transact freely thereby, bringing them convenience and trust.
We're available to serve you quick hassle free transactions that are super secure and your wallet well accounted for. With Payzall you will never fumble for cash and change, never worry about handing out your cards. We welcome you to the Cashless Age. The New Way to Pay is Here!

At Payzall it is our promise to offer you:

Easy and Instant Recharges Hassle-Free Transactions Safe and Secure Payment Process Simple Voucher Redemption with no hidden costs or complex terms and conditions A Totally Satisfied YOU! Who'd want to come back to us Time and Again!