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Payzall Blogs

Digital Wallets: The New Mode of Investing in Mutual Funds
Pic By : Payzall In : Digital Wallets Last Updated : 09 Dec. 2016
Digital Payment

Mutual fund investments are now just a convenient click away. Market regulator SEBI is now considering allowing investors to buy mutual funds through digital wallets worth as much as Rs.50,000. Considering the government's aim to increase digital transactions, mutual fund schemes shall be the only products in which transactions worth Rs. 50000 will be allowed through E-Wallets and for all other products the existing limit of Rs. 10,000 shall remain. The draft guidelines shall be available soon.

The proposal also states that investments of up to Rs. 50,000 in mutual funds will not be required to go through the already known KYC process in order to establish the identity of the buyer since all major digital wallet accounts are already linked to their respective bank accounts for which the KYC formalities are already done.

What is B2B or B2C Marketing?
Pic By : Payzall In : B2B or B2C Marketing Last Updated : 07 June 2016
B2C & B2B Marketing

Firstly let us understand the term marketing before discussing about B2B or B2C. Everybody has different understanding about marketing. Some includes it as a part of sales some make it exactly as sales. Please understand sales and marketing are two different terminologies they do go together step by step but different.

In simple language marketing is a process of communicating the information and details about the company's product and services to the end customer at large. The process includes market analysis, segmentation, advertising techniques and many more. While planning the marketing techniques of the business or a company we have to consider the outlook of the business and the target market.

The outlook of business can be customer oriented or business oriented, to define these orientations we use an entirely different terminology which is commonly known as B2B or B2C.

About Payzall

Originate InfoTech is an IT company founded and registered in 2011 at New Delhi. In mid 2015 Originate InfoTech introduced an online portal namely Payzall.in. Payzall.in is the online portal which helps you to pay for all your needs. Either recharge or payment of bills everyone refers the online medium which is convenient and always on their tips as well, through phone or computer.

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