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Movie Ticket Coming Soon
Self-Confessed Movie Buff? Living for Cinema Everyday?

Book Online for an unmatched Cinematic Experience. Your Movie. Your Theater.

Movie Ticket

Online Movie Ticketing through Payzall – One-Stop Shop for Everything Cinema.

Movies are meant to be watched in the theatre and nothing can beat that experience. Whether it is a timeless classic or a latest Bollywood hit featuring Shah Rukh Khan, the experience is always worth it while watching it on the big screen.

Payzall – the payments application is here to further simplify the entire process of going to a movie. Be it any genre or any language, movie ticketing through Payzall is always a click away. Now through Payzall, consumers have the option of booking their choice of movies at their chosen theatres.
Through Payzall, consumers can now experience flawless and quick movie ticketing. Now, endless waiting time and long queues at the ticketing counters shouldn't deter the movie buff in you.
Payzall is an easy and quick way to book movie tickets online. The system is absolutely safe and consumers have the ease of booking movie tickets, Anywhere. Anytime.
So don't wait anymore to experience an unmatched movie going experience. The time to say ACTION is now !

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