Refund Policy

It is expressly agreed by the USER that in so far as transactions pertaining to re-charge are concerned, the same are final with no refund or exchange or set off permitted. USER is fully responsible for the mobile number or account number for which re-charge is purchased and M/s Originate Infotech Private Limited [web portal] is not responsible for any purchase of re-charges for an incorrect / wrong mobile number or account number, if so made by the USER. The USER will be himself responsible for such an act and M/s Originate Infotech Private Limited [web portal] cannot be held liable for the same.

If during the course of re-charge, the amount has been debited to the respective card, bank account or wallet of the USER but re-charge has not been delivered within one working day of completion of the transaction, then the USER should inform the Customer Service Team of M/s Originate Infotech Private Limited [web portal] either on telephone or via e-mail which are duly mentioned on the website. Complete details regarding the mobile number / account number, telecom operator, transaction value, transaction date and order number should be submitted and if M/s Originate Infotech Private Limited [web portal] upon investigation within 15 working days finds that the card or bank account of the USER was charged without re-charge value credited to the USER, refund shall be generated to the wallet which is in their panel. Wallet/Load has to be taken by every USER in which a minimum amount of Rs.1000/- and maximum amount of Rs.________ can be added by the USER and payment for any services used as offered on the website can be debited to this wallet and correspondingly any payment received can be credited to the wallet.

That as stated on the website, for the facilities provided on the website, service charges in the following brackets are charged:-

  • Distributors - Rs.5000/- + 15 % service tax;
  • Franchisee - Rs.10,000/- + 15 % service tax;
  • Gold Franchise – Rs.20,000/- + 15 % service tax;
  • Franchise Partner – Rs.50,000/- + 15 % service tax; and
  • Gold Franchise Partner – Rs.1,50,000/- + 15 % service tax.

In case any USER wishes to discontinue the service, They shall inform the Customer Care Team of M/s Originate Infotech Private Limited [web portal] on the e-mail address provided on the website within 10 days and the amount deposited by the USER as service charge would be refunded except 15% service tax that has been paid by the USER. The exercise of refund would be completed within 30 days by the M/s Originate Infotech Private Limited [web portal].

Refund against any payment made by wallet against any services, in case for failure will take 72hrs for checking and veryfing the transaction. then only the amount will be credited back to wallet only.